in the last five years ive been under general anesthetic four times
tonsilectomy and adenoidectomy, gastroscopy, serious wisdom teeth removal and wrist arthroscopy...
imagine if all these things were still in my life
in little jars of formaldehyde
teeth and tissue.


its on, she is removing the hair with an electrical device, smearing yellow brown liquid over my skin,
and then he marks an arrow pointing that way with a thick black texta on my arm.


today my friend made the most delicious cookies.


Two things: with many inside them:
Next weekend is the Northern Exposure Visual Arts Festival in Northcote (Melbourne).
Opening night is Friday 19 June 6-9pm, quite a number of High Street Galleries and shops will be showing art. The show at Kick, looks attendance worthy (and it is rumoured that they are being forced out of their premises early next year... but as Forepaw was recently shut down, Northcote is already far less interesting to me). There is an Artisans market on saturday at the Town Hall from 10-4pm.

secondly, there is an sound and noise event on this wednesday put on by Found Sound: The Experimental Instrument Project, it is an open workshop and collaborative group ensemble, something er rather. it will no doubt be good. i hope to go.
june 17 7:30pm tape projects space, 1/81 bouverie st, carlton melbourne


In the process you may experience a considerable amount of tension, and for a time you may be confused, not quite knowing whether to go backward or forward, to expand or cut back.
...Under this influence there is often a strong feeling of restlessness and uncertainty. You know clearly that something is wrong, but you are not sure what it is. The best way to deal with this is not to be in a hurry. Usually you will have all the time you need to make a decision based on careful observation of the facts, so don't rush.
...In general you should take any opportunity that comes along now to broaden your scope and release yourself from limitations that have held you back. The trick is to do this in a way that is not destructively disruptive.

everything is always in the stars huh?


i need to lay it all out and to cut the pattern from the paper,
to sew together a plan, of actions.
im interested in the remnants of performance in the body
and the documentation of momentary happenings (the transience of performance)



i dissected the segments of an orange. and then i wanted to photograph them but only had my phone camera so decided to draw. its been a long time since i have drawn. i drew on the pages of my notebook with a fine texta, ten pages in a row.


I am acutely aware of the photographs I am compelled to frame (in my mind). But I dont want to handle a camera; to deal with the physicality of picture taking.


almond typography

Memories of france
before they're all lost

potato cake: mashed/blended cooked potatoes, garlic, ginger, olive oil, dijion mustard, korma curry paste, frozen peas, crushed almonds, salt, ground mustard seeds and fennel and salt. shaped into patties and topped with crushed almond and hazelnuts. fried in a skillet with oil.

millet: cooked and then salt, pepper, olive oil and umeboshi vinegar.

carrot relish: boiled organic carrots, with ginger, add in fried onion and garlic with crushed mustard seeds and salt, half a raw tomato (maybe better fried with onions?), dijion mustard, few almonds, little bit of umeboshi vinegar, olive oil, black cracked pepper. blended and tastes adjusted.

veg: fried strips of asparagus, lebanese eggplant and carrots with olive oil and organic garlic and salt and pepper.


another barcelona picnic with Megs, here we had freshly harvested onionweed, broad beans and walnuts, very stylishly compiled into a perfect balance of flavours.

these are some of megan's photos from our visit out to Vall de Can Masdeu
an incredible permaculture squat in the hills around barcelona. We went on a non-open day and by pure luck were invited inside where we helped prepare a dinner for the 25 people strong household of wonderful home grown vegies and then, amazingly we were invited to stay and eat it. it was very exciting to eat all these wonderful happy vegies from the garden, and brian's special 'apocalyptic' curry sauce.

Have a look at Megan Floris' Itinerant Moustache blog for more wonder and inspiration and bits and bobs.

a picnic on the hill/mountainside of canyelles in barcelona. we packed a variety of things including buckwheat crepes (gallettes de sarrasin), and a umeboshi vinegar vinaigrette and little containers of leftovers.
Megsy (seen pictured) is a total inspiration and awesome dude, currently on her food activist and connoisseur world tour learning about permaculture communities and making the whole food, growing, preparation, eating thing as happy and direct and intergrated into life as possible. it was wonderful to spend a few days hanging out far away from our homelands. and it will be interesting and wonderful to see what will happen back at home.

a few months ago i was h'ordeuvre inspired and luckily when it happened it was also my friend sarah's birthday so i had the excuse to make some very small and delicious things. I used a beautiful organic sourdough from a local barcelona bakery to make small toasted squares and then topped with a sweet potato and oat cream pate, slices of raddish, freshly cracked walnut segments and a tiny spring of italian parsley. im going to look for more excuses to make things like this.
I have lost my origin
And I don't want to find it again
- lyric from bjork's wanderlust