potato cake: mashed/blended cooked potatoes, garlic, ginger, olive oil, dijion mustard, korma curry paste, frozen peas, crushed almonds, salt, ground mustard seeds and fennel and salt. shaped into patties and topped with crushed almond and hazelnuts. fried in a skillet with oil.

millet: cooked and then salt, pepper, olive oil and umeboshi vinegar.

carrot relish: boiled organic carrots, with ginger, add in fried onion and garlic with crushed mustard seeds and salt, half a raw tomato (maybe better fried with onions?), dijion mustard, few almonds, little bit of umeboshi vinegar, olive oil, black cracked pepper. blended and tastes adjusted.

veg: fried strips of asparagus, lebanese eggplant and carrots with olive oil and organic garlic and salt and pepper.

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