If you are thinking of investing in a new venture: opening a shop or starting a harmonica orchestra or building a skyscraper, this would be the right time to start. All the stars are lined up for beginnings for Rats now. You health is better. You needed to de-stress.
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festivals need resting places.

dimly lit caves - opportunities to sit / RESONATE with experiences.

different.interchangeable. self devised levels of engagement + interaction.

Sunshine breakfast on a day without sun.
Super broken rice cooked with quinoa.
Organic butter and himalayan crystal salt.
A poached egg. Finely sliced yellow paprika.
Lemon juice. Chopped almonds.
Made on 16th of October.
Tuesday, 27 October 2009
That is the length, the hope, the number. We have forgotten Moebius, we have given up on the Standard. Chandler speaks to us through three hundred and seventy two divisions, and we reply, all of us in monotonous tones, one after another, each voice getting quieter and quieter, the consonants unclear, all of us lost in pronuntiatio. We are the star speakers slowly murmuring out, slowly out to fade and to nothing.
Writing by Adam Thomas (also known as Preslav Literary School) post copied directly from his Dichterische Fragmente blog


I saw an incredible performance about a year ago in Berlin that I still think about, it revolutionised my world. It was a vocal dance/ sound body/ singing physicality improvisation between Gabriele Reuter and Barnaby Tree

"The weight of a melody contains the weight
of the arm and bone and muscle, the weight of the wooden bow, and Barnaby
notices this and plays with it." Sten Rudstrom

Ive been listening to to Barnaby's music in raptures.


These are photographs of the wonderful improv performer Dani Cresp.
I did an early morning photoshoot in Alexandria Gardens a couple of
weeks ago with the [as yet unnamed] physical theatre group she is working with.
Dani is performing at the next Explode - a night of improvised theatre on 14 November 8pm
at Small Block Cafe. Also featuring Al Wunder, Alice Cummins, Penny Baron, Lindesay Dresdon, Ian David, and Kim McClelland. Contact explodetheatre@gmail.com to book tickets.


"momentum and speed is critical to the way we experience sound." Anthony Magen
I went on a sound walk with Anthony as part of the recent project Interventionist's Guide

(thoughts from my notebook)
into spaces and backspaces of the city I had never gone into and hence enlivened my view, and raised possibilities of new and interesting interactions with this/my city (made me more interested in being here in melbourne).
thinking about public performance
dancing/movement/presence as
intervention - bring awareness to another way of being, a sensing-feeling- present-now-way of being.
alliances - more than one person is particularly powerful/noticeable.
walking in silence with other people who are
committed to being silent and aware, is very different to the silent (Lone) nomadic traverse.
I did a photoshoot with Ilan Abrahams from Sense of Place Projects a couple of days ago in the lead up to his CD launch at the Abbotsford Convent on Sunday 8th of November. Ilan will be performing at 10am and then again at 12.20pm with a chorus of children singing along with him. You can hear some of Ilan's music here


the library is the perfect place to read the newspaper. they are free, there are comfortable chairs and it has a pleasant temperature. there is a good selection of papers and they get re-used and re-read by many people. i dont read the newspaper but instead observe other people reading them and think about how this library idea is very good. there are also a lot of people who fall asleep in the library or come just to be around people. i think i would like to be a librarian of the people if i had more time and less other things that i was interested in.


todays breakfast on a green plate.

I am writing another blog, its called the Space Project.
exploring a conceptual relationship between writing/typesetting and physical space/movement.


i grew these portabello mushrooms. i am so excited about growing mushrooms. i want to find some oyster compost/spores and grow them too.


to question is the absolute duty of the soul
someone said this to me today, they couldnt remember the source of the quote but the words rang strong for me and so i write it here words loud, source unquoted .