experiencing the most profound sunrise over my homelands from above the clouds. at the point of the red sun about to emmerge... "Please close the window shutter, the sunshine is disturbing the other passengers."
i didnt believe them, and so i pulled the shutter down and pressed my face up close to the window my hands holding all the brightness and keeping it a secret.


i just started getting nervous, the reality of only one more boarding and exit before im back in the city i come from this traveling dream is over?
over? is that true? or the motion experiments just find new ways to unfold and intersect with the next period of "seemingly stillness".

this is a surreal and disconnected way to travel.
my only experience of thailand is duty free stores, airport canteens and walking down shiny coridoors trying to find wifi.
there is a very big distance between where i have been and the home i am returning to. it is strange to have this random stopover.
there is a woman with healthy thighs wearing a very tiny skirt sitting with her legs apart - fluro orange underwear explosed, she is forking rice into her mouth.
sliding open the hatch
the brightest white light floods into my eyes.


one last dinner at the
most delicious place to eat out in berlin,
omoni in Kopenhagener Strasse.
i ate there with two very good friends
as we farewelled.


my friend holly fluxx asked me to bring my camera along to the party and here is some of what happened. it was a colourful, loud, and full of good textures

berlin slumber party! gooey on the inside*

*no actual sleep over component

a lightbox street piece in berlin on the street


the infamous felafel that my friend ben told me about when i first arrived here because it had the freshest salads with fresh orange juice drizzled on top, i ate here one last time in the late afternoon sunshine with meyrick, and words and tears mixed themselves into the salad dressing.


playing with apfelmus and runny yoghurt, making patterns on the plate.

experimenting with hand shadows in the low afternoon sun, finding that a simple flex produces the illusion of a complex flip.

we milled the flour with an electric grinder, whole rice coming out smelling sweet white powder.

a giant mountain of gallettes de sarrasin (buckwheat crepes), i could have kept cooking them forever.

dancing on wet grass and sliding in dirt, taking impulses from tiny raindrops on skin, listening and making decisions of which drops to react to.

brunch that lasts an hour or two with many jars of things in the sunshine and then a late night cook up of improvising collaborative delight.


i want to write down things so that i remember them.because i feel like i am so easily forgetting everything and moments are drifting and fragmenting away from me as they are happening. Perhaps it is not writing which will hold me together most efficiently but i feel like it helps.


i woke up with the words
in my head
nothing needs to be passive unless you choose it.


this is a plan of the site specific performance/happening
that occurred in the female communal showers in the
university sports zentrum, gottingen, germany
11 april 2009
between myself, Sonne, Martina (Germany) and Benjamin (Belgium).