delicious homemade muesli with biodynamic dried apples, hazelnuts and quinoa puffs.
i had the idea to stew a little rhubarb with an apple and pour it on the muesli hot with all its juices and then add a little extra rice milk. it was good. hot muesli is better than porridge.

infamous rice cake moments: hommous, harrissa,
smoked tofu, fried mushrooms and spanish onions.

black quinoa and butternut pumpkin mash


this guy has greatly tattooed arms and some very interesting things to say,
dont be put off by his quirk of annunciation
Soil isnt vegan.
dirt is heaps important.
im learning new things.
and old ones.
and ones ever evolving.

Uni & her ukelele in the laneway
Duduá is in
in Barcelona
i just watched it and it made me happy.

over the weekend i did a course in making vibrational essences from australian wildflowers.
it was profound and neat, and has given me lots of new inspiration and energy to keep playing
and exploring and researching things. I took this photo of a banksia in my walking just outside the royal
botanic gardens in sydney with my phone camera.


doodling on the paper tablecloth in restaurant in glebe.


walked past this painted building in newtown and thought
that exciting paintings make brick walls much more exciting
and i wanted to paint some.
and it must be said that if we are choosing there must be - an opposite
a point of departure
something that the choice is chosen from

and i choose to deviate from the paved path
and walk on the tendered mown grass in an act of anarchy,
honouring this direction.


walking and looking out from look outs with lena and alex in the mountains.


lady grey
sunshine porridge

salty sweat in my eyes.

my legs looking somehow silverous in the wintery sunshine
i finally held my breath watched the film adaption of love in the time of cholera, and though it is a good enough, film, it lacks Marquez's words and
the complexities and full of poetry are collapsed into a three lined love story.
and i dont see that i agree with that being a good thing.

celeraic, black raddish, heirloom purple carrots, turnip, kipfler potatoes.


At the moment im working on a commission for this years Melbourne Writers Festival
* im * building an exciting participatory sculpture that will be installed in Federation Square during the festival. Stay tuned for more developments.
* im is asterixed, because obviously im not working alone, and seen in these photos are the real workers being my carpenters apprentice brother Darcey, and the wild card apprentices' apprentice Noah.

some cooking adventures of late...
you will notice themes
and reoccuring ingredients

onion-carrot- brussel sprout-tomato and olive sauce
on amaranth and rice spiral pasta.
i blended the sauce to hide the vegetables
and used ume su, raw sugar, himalayan crystal salt and white pepper
to flavour and balance the tomatoes.
my small friend ate it all and thought it was incredibly delicious

slow baked apples with mucavado sugar, biodynamic
sultanas and ginger.
this was before the crock had its lid on and spent its time
in the oven.
the lady at the fruit shop suggested these grannie greens
for baking but they exploded all over the place
and werent the ultimate.

Organic italian risotto rice, fresh shitake mushrooms
from the huon valley in tasmania, kalamata olives
home made stock and garden grown herbs.
my smallest brother was in charge of cooking this risotto
and did a fine job, with my strategic assistance.

we fried strips of celeriac, parsnip and beetroot -
which became beautiful pink vegies for the top of
the risotto. the chef discovered a taste for mushrooms
and realised that there is more to life that white
button cup mushrooms that had him anti.

hasty rice flour and cinnamon pancakes
with poached segments of orange in some
kind of not overly sweet but a bit sweet syrup

my little brother, but not the smallest one,
made this beautiful pizza under my subtle
mentoring. a wonderful crisp-pita-bread-in-the
oven style affair with mushrooms, olives, freshly
cracked black pepper and rosemary plucked
neatly out of the garden near the back door.

a shop bought organic spelt pizza base -
i made a sauce with fried crumbled tofu, organic
canned tomatoes, garlic, muscavado and ume su,
which somehow became overly delicious -
then slices of steamed pumpkin, mushrooms,
olives, sonnenblumenkern (sunflower seeds),
raw olive oil, cracked pepper and fresh
avocado when it came out of the oven.

* I had a photo of the pizza looking perfectly symmetrical
and neat before i cut it, but this picture was so much more
interesting, the chaos and perfect unprettiness of cutting.

always looking for an excuse to make h'ordeuvres,
my just a bit younger than me brother was down
from queensland, and so these happened.
crispy corn thingos, with a borlotti bean and
almond dip, black russian type cherry tomatoes
that i dont know the name of and of course
olives. i really love trying to put together separate
flavours that work as a whole.


recently i learned to knit again. i had for so long refused for lack of interest and slight prejudice. I dont have the kind of time that you need for knitting. anyway, i got over it and my mum taught me to knit. we were sitting in front of an open fire, with little blankets on our knees knitting late into the night. my mum was knitting my grandad a jumper but my knitting didnt really get anywhere, being pulled apart unstrung and then knitted together again. We used hand spun wool which is very lovely but of an inconsistent thickness which produces knitting of a very particular aesthetic. I was intrigued and pulled in by the addictiveness, and spent many many hours purl knit purling. Id probably still be knitting (and pulling it apart) right now but my wrist is rehabilitating from surgery, and im having to re-invent my daily creative life.
Canvassing is so nineties.
I struggle with its validity as a form of communication.
But i am patient and stand quietly awake as I listen.
Then explain there are other ways to do things. And I am interested in finding them.


I am very interested in documentation, and the documenting of process. The process of ideas, and of art and production making. The finer details that make up the whole completed picture. The beauty in construction, the tangle of possibles. The emerging threads that tie together to make the finished thing that everyone sees. I am intrigued by the stories, fictions and fairytales that form in the half light, the ones that disappear like the curls of grey smoke and the ones that are written down and held to the surfaces of paper, the memories of film, and inside our tingling bodies.

I read this recipe on my friend Lena's beautiful food blog exploding wonder storm castle and it prompted me to make this cake. I made it with cooked millet, buckwheat and brown rice flour. And used muscavado brown sugar, and wattleseed, cardamom and ginger as my spices. I reckon that Lena's cake was probably much sweeter and more delicious than mine, though it did have its quirks of an incredibly spicey and moist cake.