Tomorrow, being Sunday the 30th of August is the last day of the Melbourne Writers Festival and so the last day of my installation being up in federation square. i will be there from 12.30pm, come and have lunch with me and we can re-arrange letters into words and sentences until we cant think of any more possible combinations and it is dark and everything is packed away.



This Friday the 28th of August at 12pm midday there will be a spontaneous happening of word improvising / interacting with my installation in federation square. you are welcome. hope you can come. its up until sunday.


the installation is finished (my part anyway). i delivered it to federation square yesterday. seen here in this photo back stage. From today it will be full centre, out in the open air of the fed sq plaza - ready to play (with you!).
The installation is part of Melbourne Writers Festival 21- 30 August. Im aiming to spend a bit of time down there documenting the words, sentences, and poetic things people write up. Hope to see you! Maybe we can have a picnic.
I’d be happy if I had a nice shopfront studio like the ones I see sometimes here in Berlin, surrounded by a good community of committed creative people making mess and noise and changing the world one art project at a time. Interspersed with plenty of travel I hope...
My friend Oliver was recently interviewed and this was his response to 'what would you like the future to look like?' and i real loved his answer being surrounded by mess and noise.



coreflute, coreflute, coreflute. such a funny character you are.

unhinged french braces


a king parrot kamikazied into the window of our house today.
it died from the impact.
mum buried it in the paddock.
im not sure if it was an omen.
it was very beautiful and direct.


Merce Cunningham, a very renowned choreographer recently passed away at 90 years old. He was the romantic and collaborative partner of John Cage a very interesting sound artist and musician. I have seen some of Merce's work performed and must admit I wasnt that into the physical movement component even though the music, visuals and concepts of chance are really interesting. And both the music scores that were apart of the pieces I saw at MIAF a few years ago were incredible. Anyway I just came across this video and loved it, so perhaps I will look into his work again or just draw inspiration from this video.


workings of the installation im making for MWF. to be unveiled in entirety this coming week.


Cells emit bright presence.