yesterday i performed at an event called Speakers Corner as part of the Emerging Writers Festival in Melbourne, it was curated by renowned poet Sean M Whelan and he took these photos. Actually in the beginning Sean was the only person standing in front of me while I was 'performing' and so made me, forced me, gave me space and attention to pursue the performance and find a way through it. I have not been thinking in words lately and so it was challenging but then i remembered that words are always there somewhere and they can be really really good to fill your mouth with and spit out. I enjoyed being a poet for a few minutes.

I think my heart is going to explode
im not sure if you’ll be able to see it

an imperceptible flutter, like a caffeine heart trip

a weight that pulls
possibility to stretch exists

unfinished. unrefined. loose strings that could be tied to the bottom of the kite you are flying today. and i hope that you are flying a kite today, some kind of coloured papery bird loosely held in the wind.


So I was in the newspaper the other day, a free commuter paper given to the melbourne public with haste every day. It was to promote the Emerging Writers Festival that is currently on and I will be performing in and having a table at the independent press fair (31st may 12-5pm in the atrium at fed square).
Its quite interesting the text that surrounds me in this spread
Leaders shape their own future - Life Not travelling well - Home Works the Best - Its true - Charges over hit and Run - Casting Net Ever wider - The word on the Street is theres a New fest in Town....
Find deep time street fish
I saw this written on a wall today

being completely in the moment has some impracticalities.
ive been noticing.


Following the stars, European explorers found their southern land and subsequently mapped and renamed Indigenous countries. In contrast, the sky remained innocent of a colonial discourse. Above the contested lands of Australia, the night sky continues to offer the potential for universal projections of ancient beliefs, nationhood and personal reflection. In this way, many cultural interpretations of the sky can stand side by side without fear of displacement.
excerpt from exhibition synopsis 'Shared Sky' at NGV ian potter in melbourne at the moment.


I am learning to listen to all the sounds my ears are already full of, that my chest is overloaded with.
(i wrote this more than a year ago. i just found it. )


propensity |prəˈpensətē|
noun ( pl. -ties)
an inclination or tendency

ORIGIN late 16th cent.: from archaic propense (from Latin propensus ‘inclined,’ past participle of propendere, from pro- ‘forward, down’ + pendere ‘hang’ ) + -ity .


spit, tears and mucous make my eyes burn


streaking clear liquid on the screen,
made me realise that it was raining.
if only this machine was as waterpoof or waterloose as i am
i could keep sitting outside

but, so, i shelter on the floor of a glass mezzanine
to access this portal to you,
whoever you, are.
and a security man feining duties as glass cleaner comes to check on me.
and im listening to dirty dirty jazz from white earphones.


my expression is not overly clear for my head is full of whirls and stars and anger.
i feel lost here. this city is not my home.


i can barely write or think of the words that come in before writing.

lost in a the ether of jet lagged sleep.