recently i learned to knit again. i had for so long refused for lack of interest and slight prejudice. I dont have the kind of time that you need for knitting. anyway, i got over it and my mum taught me to knit. we were sitting in front of an open fire, with little blankets on our knees knitting late into the night. my mum was knitting my grandad a jumper but my knitting didnt really get anywhere, being pulled apart unstrung and then knitted together again. We used hand spun wool which is very lovely but of an inconsistent thickness which produces knitting of a very particular aesthetic. I was intrigued and pulled in by the addictiveness, and spent many many hours purl knit purling. Id probably still be knitting (and pulling it apart) right now but my wrist is rehabilitating from surgery, and im having to re-invent my daily creative life.

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