Gelengu du Gelenguwurru

its an honour to be apart of this exhibition. looks amazing! wish everyone involved the bestest of best.

Gelengu du Gelenguwurru, Old and New, Young and Old

Supporting Cultural Education in Warmun Community, East Kimberley

38 Lander Street, Darlington, Sydney

24 March to 1 April, 2010

Opening NIGHT 7-9pm, 25 March
To be opened by the Governor of NSW Professor Marie Bashir and video-journalist Allan Clarke

The rich cultural traditions of Warmun community in the East Kimberley of WA have become known all over the world through the striking paintings of Warmun community elders. Yet the culture of Warmun’s Gija people is now under threat.

To overcome this the elders of the community have begun a program to intensively educate young people in Gija language and culture. Young people are being taken out to experience the songs, dance, art and language in the sacred places of the land where they were traditionally taught. They are learning to both participate in their cultural traditions and to record them using media technology, so that future generations will have access to them. This exhibition will raise funds to make this vital program sustainable.

Featuring work from Indigenous and non-Indigenous artists: Churchill Cann, Betty Carrington, Phyllis Thomas, Madigan Thomas, Shirley Purdie, Beerbee Mungnari, Gordon Barney, Joan Ross, Elizabeth Frith, Arlene TextaQueen, Deborah Kelly, Keg de Souza, Ghostpatrol, Miso, Stephan Walker, Chay-ya Clancy, Michael Fikaris, Jane Yalunga, Richard Goodwin, Janet Laurence, Matt Ferns, Ned Sevil, Tom Sevil, Tony Sevil, Peter Rushforth, Simon Reece, Gerry Wedd, Donna Green, Julie Green, Nick Hollo, Nick Bleasel, Neil Evans, Vivienne Ferguson, Catherine Hearse, Rena Shein, Jason Wing, Lucia Scurrah, Julian Greer, Richard BB, Vexta, Ann Thomson, Reg Mombassa and Bruce Petty.