yesterday i performed at an event called Speakers Corner as part of the Emerging Writers Festival in Melbourne, it was curated by renowned poet Sean M Whelan and he took these photos. Actually in the beginning Sean was the only person standing in front of me while I was 'performing' and so made me, forced me, gave me space and attention to pursue the performance and find a way through it. I have not been thinking in words lately and so it was challenging but then i remembered that words are always there somewhere and they can be really really good to fill your mouth with and spit out. I enjoyed being a poet for a few minutes.

I think my heart is going to explode
im not sure if you’ll be able to see it

an imperceptible flutter, like a caffeine heart trip

a weight that pulls
possibility to stretch exists

unfinished. unrefined. loose strings that could be tied to the bottom of the kite you are flying today. and i hope that you are flying a kite today, some kind of coloured papery bird loosely held in the wind.

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oliver fluxx said...

yay wow cool


in the paper and everything

it seems like your parallel universe in strailyah is ok??

love from currently rainy berlin