my alarm just woke me up from a dream where i was about to leave on a very big trip to somewhere for a long time. and i was filling a paper bag with two kinds of plums, small yellow ones and bigger oval shaped purple ones. and my mum was in the kitchen making samosa's and maybe parts of the house were my grandad's house. and all my relatives were there but they were older and calmer than i remembered and I was kissing them goodbye.
and then there was a rush to get in the car with my mum, we were driving somewhere to have a picnic with everyone in the tiny amount of time before i had to go. and my mum was bringing the food she had been preparing. and there were fancy chairs that had been hired but we had to have clear plastic sheets over them for protection. and i hadnt said goodbye to everyone and i wanted to know if they were coming and where my grandad was.
and i was trying to fit my bag of plums in the car without spilling or squishing them. and it was windy and the time for my departure was almost here.
and the car was parked under a tree and the tree was in some kind of spacious green place.
and some of the people werent coming to the next place, before the departure, to have the picnic and say goodbye. And it was confusing and fast, like we were running out of time. but i remember their faces and then then my alarm rang.

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