In this lifetime there is so much to learn and learn in
ways not previously available. It can be learnt by safely
externalising perceptions and observations or it can be,
more courageously, experienced, internalised, integrated
and grounded. Either way the learning is you, and within
you. There is no other at cause, there is no injustice,
there is just you and me and our learning.

You know that after, and only after the experience,
comes the wisdom. There is so much to know; the
potential of nothing to provide you with everything.
You know there is so much to keeping on keeping on.
You know there is so much to your divinity. You know
that you know.

There’s so much truth to you that untruths are redundant
before consideration.

You know that all of you is a loving person. You
know that so much of you is OK. There is so much to
you that seeks out positive options and alternate ways of
moving forward. So much of you expresses reality above
fantasy. There is so much in you that acknowledges the
beauty and positive aspects in others. Keeping on keeping
on is so much a part of your integrity.

Adam Davis

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