thinking about photography part #770: how to know when photography is useful.
sometimes the logistics prohibit photos from being taken and often too many photos are taken that need not to be. i often have a strong desire to photograph a moment that is very beautiful or poetic or strange or geometrical, and it can be hard to let go of the desire if it is unfulfilled.
at the same time an overwhelmingly large quantity of photos that i take are never again looked at, and the entire purpose of the photograph is in the process of connecting myself somehow with what is going on, allowing my focus to settle. Or if a moment is too fast to look at it properly, a photo lets me hold onto the fleeting longer, and somehow piece together my memories that never really existed.
So the question is: how to exist in a moment when you cant photograph it?
To let it really sink in, for all of you to be present in the full sensual experience of it and not document it, but to breathe it in and let it go.

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