In a hill on the weekend I did a photoshoot with Naomi Jean O'Sullivan, infamous percussionist extraordinaire who among many other things performs as part of the groups Shima and La Force Molle. It was a flurry of composition, instruments sounding in the wind and a thousand photographs as the light was fading.


holly fluxx-snaxx said...

wow this is excellent!!! what are you using the photos for?

Chay-Ya said...

i was merely an accomplice, the photosnapper in the occassion. i think naomi is using the photos for her business card and promo material for her work as a musician. she was wanted to have photos of her instruments. it was a really nice little collaboration. and especially as she was playing music and we were outside on this big rock and i was following and chasing light. i want more opportunities to work like this. it is good to have a reason/purpose/intention and not just meander around like normal. it was also cool because we didnt think about it before hand and were just really active. i thought about things through the action of shutter closing.