lean in closer and throw arms wide to the sky.
falling and finding the impulse to be pulled upwards.

so, stillness in flight...
clarifying what i am doing here. with these scrolling pages of thoughts and images,
what am i looking for with this constant yet selective documentation and poetry and wandering?

i guess i want to find balance and a deeper truth, contentment, excitement and aliveness in life... and am doing that
through an exploration into and through and of stillness and movement.
physical, spiritual, emotional and intellectual.

through the mediums of dance/ improvised physical movement and spoken/text/vocalising
geographical travel and
walking through urban landscape and countryside
and walking, and walking faster and slower and experimenting with pace and direction and form of walking.
and then of course there is health and nutrition and cooking and loving as ways to investigate further this aliveness and balance and wonder.

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