me and my friend whose really awesome and draws too, sat on the street and drew this really good and wonky building with lots of good pipes and chimneys sticking out of it.
People, so so many of them, rode past us on their bicycles and birds swept over in formation. Four different people stopped to ask us poignant questions: How do you draw? What do you do if you make a mistake? Why dont you take a photo? Do you do this for yourself or for schoolah?
and we found answers to set free like sentences torn from a book.
Sitting on the cobblestones soon made us cold, but it was really good to draw.


Pablo said...

I was going to ask for a picture but then i realized finding a scanner might be a bit tricky. I keep coming back to this post, what has happened since? I am on the adge of my seat asphyxiating with impatient suspense!

Chay-Ya said...

ah pablo. its so nice to hear from you. so much has happened. so so much. and yet very little and i dont have the internet but i will at some point put up more. and i dont have a scanner true, but i have my camera so all kinds of pictures will come soon... ahh. im a little emotional right now and so i will go but soon i promise my friend, x

oliver fluxx said...